Whether its off figure, cosmetics, fashion accessories, or jewelry, John has made clients products almost jump off the page with lighting and style.

This is where John brings his outdoor side to compliment the NYC side. His lifestyle shots, together with animals and the outdoors all appear as if its really going on at the moment in time.

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Behind the Scenes

The man and his camera

John Campos

Bringing a sophistication of lighting to model shoots, whether on location, in studio, or on green screen, John's clients rave how natural the shots look.

Award winning photographer and outdoorsman, John has done it all for his clients from NY to LA.

Specializing in liquor, John has shot campaigns for cosmetics, fashion, and product catalogs. John brings  a certain sophistication to every shoot and his clients are always amazed at his perspective, energy and one of a kind lighting!

It has been said, John has shot more liquor than you can hold...

"Every shot has to have that appetite appeal to make you want to splash in it"!